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Contact us as trusted local Tour Operator for Orangutan Tour in Tanjung Puting National Park.

We are happy to guide your for special request such as Adventure forest, Camping, Culture Tour, City Tour, Private tour, Group Tour, Costum Tour and Honeymoon tour in Tanjung Puting National Park and some places in Indonesia.

*A legal tour operator in Tanjung Puting.
*Recommened company to arrange Orangutan Tour by Goverment.
*We are the only company has booth at the airport.
*We have our own boat.
*Recommended by Viator, Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor and travellers.
*We are member in some Tourism Associasions
*Payment is easy and fast; Credit Card, Paypal, Virtual Account Bank.
*Full program, uniqe, exclusive, experience guide, and friendly crew.
Coming Soon;
–    Varada Reforestation
–    Varada Hotel
–    Varada Lodge
–    Orangutan Foundation

JL.  Ahmad Yani RT.27 kel. Baru kec. Arut selatan, Pangkalan Bun. Central Borneo -Indonesia
Counter: Arrival Hall Iskandar Aiport, Pangkalan Bun
Mobile / Whatsapp : +62 8538 999 6660
Mail: info@www.orangutan.co.id

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